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Double your data throughput with the AMR-GLC-BX-U/D BI-DI Transceiver!

The AMR-GLC-BX-U is a bi-directional SFP single mode transceiver. Using the AMR-GLC-BX-U (upstream) in conjunction with the AMR-GLC-BX-D (downstream) will allow connectivity using only one fiber strand. Practical applications include the ability to double throughput through an existing fiber pair without the need of running new fiber and the ability to make use of a fiber pair that has one damaged strand.
How does it work? The AMR-GLC-BX-U transmits data on a 1310-nm wavelength and receives at 1490-nm whereas the AMR-GLC-BX-D transmits on 1490-nm and receives on the 1310-nm wavelength. With this technology, fiber connectivity can be achieved using a single fiber strand instead of the tradition pair. The AMR-GLC-BX-U/D is also the perfect solution in a case where one fiber strand is damaged within your fiber pair.

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