Linux-Based Cloud Managed Operating System


  • Split of client traffic and management traffic
    Tanaza’s communication architecture and protocols have been designed to ensure the highest levels of security and reliability. The traffic coming from client devices and access point management, which passes through a 256-bit SSL encrypted tunnel, are entirely separated for safety. 
    Furthermore, Tanaza domains are certified, and the platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services to ensure the highest levels of reliability in the market.
  • Multi-vendor Compatibility
    TanazaOS is a software compatible with a wide range of access points, indoor and outdoor. Alternatively, you can find it already installed on the line of cloud-managed Tanaza Powered Devices.
  • Cost reduction and unlimited scalability
    Tanaza allows you to make substantial savings due to the elimination of expensive hardware controllers in the architecture and reduced number of on-site maintenance interventions. Besides, compared to other professional solutions available in the market, Tanaza’s flexible licensing system allows you to reduce your CAPEX significantly. Tanaza WiFi cloud management is a SaaS that helps you to start managing a few access points and then scale when you need it.

Additional information

Account Management

Multi-sites management
Multi-organization management
Multi-role permissions
Inventory management at account level
Multiple languages
Multiple time zones

Cloud Platform

Hosted on AWS
Availability 99,99%
Fully responsive. All features are available via mobile

Networks Monitoring

Access point geolocalization on map
Real-time network statistics
Access point load and memory monitoring
Email alert notifications
Remote Syslog
Connection tracking to Remote Syslog

Diagnostic Tools

Access point local interface (read only)
Blink APs
Ping tool

Access Point Management

Centralized network-wide configurations
Self-provisioning of access points
Scheduled reboot of access points
Hardware reset button disablement
Automatic channel distribution
Fast roaming IEEE 802.11r/v/k
Management traffic VLAN tagging
Remote firmware upgrade at AP level
Remote firmware upgrade at network level

SSID Management

Centralized SSID configuration
Unlimited number of SSID profiles
SSID Band selection
WPA2 Personal and WPA2 Enterprise
SSID VLAN tagging
DHCP server, NAT & custom DNS
Auto-disconnect sticky-clients

Client Management and HotSpots

Max concurrent clients limitation
Isolate guests from LAN resources
Client isolation at SSID level
Bandwidth control on a per-client basis with upload/download split
External captive portal (with RADIUS)
Cloud-based roaming for External
Captive Portal
Built-in hotspot system


Express Wi-Fi by Facebook
Classic Hotspot by Tanaza


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