SRPM12 (Legacy)

12-Port Web Smart Power over Ethernet (PoE) Midspan


Discontinued May 2009

End of life support – May 2014

Supply power to PoE devices on demand. The SRPM12 Power over Ethernet (PoE) midspan is ideal for adding PoE functionality to an existing network. Many network devices such as wireless access points and IP telephones support using PoE to power the device instead of connecting it to a power outlet. The benefits of using PoE include cost savings from not requiring new power outlets to be installed in remote locations, easier portability of devices, more freedom of where to place devices, and providing a central source for supplying power backup. The SRPM12 is designed to be scalable, so only PoE powered devices need to be connected to the unit and non-PoE devices can connect directly to a switch. For ease of management, the SRPM12 supports both SNMP and a web-based interface to monitor and manage the device.