*End of life January 2017* 

24 port SFP 2 port 10GB XFP Layer 3 Switch


The ES4626-SFP is ideal for implementation in the distribution layer of three-tier networks, which provides long distance fiber connections to aggregate access layer switches in different locations. It is also an excellent choice as a core switch for small enterprise. The ES4626-SFP delivers high-performance hardware based IP routing. With 88Gbps switching capacity, the ES4626-SFP delivers high performance IPv4 and IPv6 IP routing. The ES4626-SFP has fully supported L3 features, such as; L3 Gigabit, Scalability, Enhanced Security, and Single IP Management which will meet all the demands of a layer 3 network. The switch makes all of these powerful features manageable via an easy-to-use web interface.


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