Amer Tanaza

Cloud based wireless network management System

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The Amer / Tanaza Enterprise Cloud Controller is a premium-featured, wireless LAN management application that enables cost-effective, value-added management of wireless access points and networks.  It was designed to provide wireless access to corporate LAN for SMB business, in public environments such as schools, hotels, hospitals; as well as industrial firms, retailers, and multi-site locations.

The key value add of Amer / Tanaza is bi-directional automated out-reach to customers, students, employees, staff and any visitor to your enterprise. The Amer / Tanaza system enables you to actively (and automatically) reach out to your community.  It enables you to continuously harvest critical detailed information about your user community, via automated links to (their) social media databases.

The Amer/Tanaza Cloud Controller enables:

  • Automatic connection and authentication of wireless access points (WAPs) to your central management system;
  • Advanced dashboard enables complete visibility and control over your entire wireless network single or multiple remote locations from your central management station;
  • Multi-level Wi-Fi setting  per users, user group, per network, per SSID, per device; etc.
  • Advanced system of real-time (emailed) alerts in case of system outage, disconnections, etc.
  • Reconfigurations, performance reporting, auto-alerts, diagnostics and reporting;
  • An ‘abuse-control’ system to auto-exclude any undesired users
  • Guest access management  Splashpage / password authentication, time-based access; voucher management;
  • Auto-messaging to users & customers of your company or institutions guest wireless:
    • Announcement of feature events or special offers;
    • Auto-announce change in activities (time or date);
  • Supports up to 16 SSIDs (different wireless sub-nets) where young people, staff, managers, guests, etc. can each have the appropriate wireless network access;

Wi-Fi services as a marketing tool

  • Auto-collection (data harvesting) of key user community data:
    • Complete identification via social media links
    • Auto-collect preferences, likes, dislikes, intentions and desires.
    • Manage access and authentication Splashpage from the cloud via the Amer/Tanaza dashboard.


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