Clavister Virtual

Four products scaling from 1-10 Gbps
Protecting servers in a Cloud environment



Products are all currently EOS. Please click here for updated listing.


Clavister Virtual Series spans a broad range of solutions, including Virtual Private Server (VPS) solutions, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) solutions, virtualized co-location solutions and larger hosted data center solutions. With virtualization and cloud-based solutions, resources needs to be handled with care. The Clavister Virtual Series are extremely efficient with available resources. Design for extreme low resource requirements, the Clavister Virtual Series gives you the ability to run a massive amount of Clavister Virtual series’ in a single 1U rack server. This equals lower cost, lower storage space and lower operational cost.

There are 4 different versions of the Virtual series depending on your network requirements. Each version is a simple software download.

Clavister V3Clavister V5Clavister V7Clavister V9
Firewall Performance (Gbps)123Unlimited*
VPN Performance (Gbps)0,511,5Unlimited*
Concurrent Connections64 000128 000250 000Unlimited*
Concurrent VPN Tunnels (SSL VPN/IPsec)500/5001 000/1 0001 500/1 500Unlimited*
Ethernet InterfacesUp to 3Up to 5Up to 7Up to 10
Virtual Interfaces (VLAN 802.1q)322565121 024
Virtual Routers10203050
Clavister cOSClavister cOS CoreClavister cOS CoreClavister cOS CoreClavister cOS Core
Form FactorSoftwareSoftwareSoftwareSoftware


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