Clavister Virtual Core

Six products scaling from 1-10 Gbps
Protecting servers in a Cloud environment


The Clavister Virtual Core Series is a set of network security products designed for virtual and cloud-based security, offering excellent performance, powerful security features and resource efficient. The Clavister Virtual Core Series offers you the same powerful security features you find in our hardware-based products, but for your virtual environment. Easily deploy your Clavister Virtual Core Series in market-leading VMware or KVM virtualization environments. Its minimal footprint and extremely low resource requirements makes the Clavister Virtual Core Series an optimal solution for all types of virtual and cloud-based network security solutions.

Highlights of the Clavister Virtual Series are :

  • Cost-effective next-generation virtual firewall for any organization, purposely built for SecaaS (Security-as-a-Service), cloud and virtualization security (no rack kit needed)
  • Next-generation firewall services, including Clavister True Application Control, Clavister Content Security Services and User Identity Awareness
  • Extremely small footprint means the ability to deploy 50-100 more firewalls than our competitors
  • Powerful stateful firewall with deep-packet inspection gives you a high level of security
  • Flexible, dynamic routing and connectivity with support for link aggregation
  • Built-in support for both IPsec and SSL VPN offers easy to use remote connectivity
  • Centralized Security Management System included free-of-charge in the Clavister Security Subscription package
  • High-end network infrastructure, such as traffic management, High Availability (HA), server load balancing and WAN load balancing, are all included with Clavister Subscriptions
  • The perfect for any SecaaS, cloud-based and virtualization security solution


 NetWall V2

NetWall V3 NetWall V5NetWall V7NetWall V9NetWall V10

Firewall Performance

300 Mbps

1 Gbps2 Gbps3 Gbps6 Gbps

10 Gbps

VPN Performance

150 Mbps

500 Mbps1 Gbps2 Gbps3 Gbps

5 Gbps

Concurrent Connections

16 00064 000128 000250 000512 000

2 M

Concurrent VPN Tunnels



Ethernet Interfaces

Up to 3

Up to 4Up to 6Up to 8Up to 10

Up to 10

Virtual Interfaces


322565121 024

2 048

Virtual Routers




Recommended RAM

256 MB512 MB512 MB1 GB2 GB

4 GB

Recommended Available Storage

256 MB

Supported Virtual

VMware ESXi, KVM Core

Form Factor




Clavister Virtual Core Spec Sheet


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