Clavister P9 Chassis

ATCA chassis with 2-16 slots
Security system up to 1,120 Gbps



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The Clavister P9 Chassis and Clavister P9 Blades offers the highest level of redundancy, scalability and performance possible. With capacity up to 1,120 Gbps, the AdvancedTCA-based chassis are capable of delivery the required processing power that telecom operators and large-scale data centers require.

The Clavister P9 Blades offers a set of processing blades optimized for specific telecom application, such as core security, LTE (3GPP Long Term Evolution) and FMC (Fixed-mobile convergence). Each P9 processing blade offers tailored performance based on target application, and they inherit all the advanced characteristics from the AdvancedTCA specification, such as fault tolerance and reliability. It is also possible to utilize different P9 Blades in a single Clavister PolarBear Chassis.

There are 4 different versions of the P9 Chassis depending on your network requirements. Each version is a simple firmware update to the hardware platform.

Clavister P9 6002Clavister P9 6006Clavister P9 6014Clavister P9 6016
Firewall Performance (Gbps)1603209601,120
VPN Performance (Gbps)112224672784
CompliancePICMG 3.0, Rev. 2.0 ATCA Base SpecificationPICMG 3.0/3.1, Rev. 2.0 ATCA Base Specification
ATCA Blade Slots241214
Switch Blade Slotsn/a222
Cooling Fan2244
Form Factor2U ANSI 19″ rack mount5U ANSI 19″ rack mount13U ANSI 19″ rack mount13U ANSI 23″ rack mount, or optional
ETSI 515 rack mount


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