Like many school districts in upstate New York, Brocton operates under relatively severe fiscal restraints while requiring significant increases in core and IDF network capacity, wireless network capacity, and optimization of network usage. With a combined total of close to 1,000 staff, faculty and students, a BYOD program had multiplied on-net users by 4X; on-line content and testing multiplied traffic density by 3X.

I.T. coordinator Bill Henris was charged with sourcing and implementing a “best function at best value” network upgrade, network design and, finally, budgeting exercise. The final design included:

  • 25 x 48-port Layer 3 switching systems, connecting all three campus locations on a 10 Gigabit fiber platform.
  • 53 x WAP 334NC wireless access points providing full dual-band, 125 – 150 Mbps wireless connectivity to all classrooms, library, staff, and other facilities on Brocton campuses.
  • 4-Year Amer CloudCommand™ licensing for management of the wireless network: CloudCommand™ is a cloud-based “always available” Cloud-based system residing within Amazon’s distributed Cloud environment for full security and 99.999% availability.
  • 1 x Amer Network WLO880T network optimization system, to ensure optimal user experience and maximum network value.
  • Amer-provided Clavister Next Generation Network Security appliance, providing the most advanced network and user security to staff and students, and the network infrastructure itself.
  • All cabling, media converters and fiber connection accessories.

Asked to summarize the procurement, implementation and current operation of the Amer Network systems, Bill Henris offered the following statement:

“Like all districts, Brocton operates under a pretty tight budget. From the top down, we all work hard to get full value from every dollar we spend. That said, acquiring an “off-brand” technology takes a bit of a ‘leap-of-faith’. But our experience with Amer technology and Amer staff has been nothing but positive. The network systems themselves are absolutely first-rate. The technology has surpassed our requirements and operates beautifully. The Amer technical and business staff have been 100% available throughout the entire project, ensuring we met our goals and deadlines. The network is doing everything we planned, and more.

The final extra value we received was Amer’s contracted commitment to make AC (1 gigabit) wireless access points available to us at their own cost plus 5%. Amer will trial their AC-series Wi-Fi in Q4, 2014, right here at Brocton. This protection of our wireless investment makes all of us very comfortable with our long-range network plans and our budgeting responsibilities.”

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