Mobile Media Conference Computer / TV Display Cart with Motorized Lift

Product Description

The AMRM4E mobile computer or Television Display Cart enables great flexibility for your presentation needs. No more static positioning of your TV or Computer Displays, move it to were you need it with ease.

This Amer Mobile Display Cart supports 400 x 400mm VESA pattern to mount TVs and other displays. The Display module can be swiveled, tilted and rotated allowing creative flexibility. A device tray and storage bin are also included for organization. This system is height adjustable with a motorized lift, allowing for the display to be adjusted to your desired presentation height or to aid in transport through doorways and other obstacles.

The TV/Monitor panel support size is 26” to 65” and the TV/Monitor panel weight support is up to 50Kg(110.2lbs). Making this unit ideal for 26“, 27”, 28”, 32”, 36”, 39”, 40”, 42”, 46”, 47”, 48”, 49”, 50”, 52”, 55″, 65″ Larger panel/TV sizes can be used provide the weight of the panel does not exceed 50Kg(110.2lbs).

Additional Information

Complete System
* Net Weight

24.6kg (54.24lbs)

* Packaged Dimension


* Screw Type

M4 M5 M6 M8

* Material

Alumimum Alloy / Plastic / Steel

Display System
- Hinge Module




Torque Adjust


- Display Support
Max.Mount Pattern

400×400 mm

Display Type

Single Monitor

Panel Size Support

26"~65" (Use discretion regarding weight of TVs over 52")
Max display size based on weight

Support Weight (Range

50 Kg (110.2 lbs)

Base System
- Caster



Front 2 wheels

- Main Lift
Lift Handle


Height Adjust Range


Tension Torque Adjust

Not Applicable
(Locking the Display & Main lift are essential before moving the cart to ensure safety & stability)

- Cable Management


- RoHS/REACH Compliance


Power System
- Input Voltage

AC-in 100-240V 50/60 Hz

User Interface
- Control Panel

Button (Up/Down)

Warranty and Support

Warranty: 3 Years
Support: Free technical support(phone/email)

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AMRM4E-Spec-sheet-V1.04.pdf (29 downloads)