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 Amer Networks has designed, installed, supported and extended thousands of education networks across the country for more than a decade.Learn More
Amer systems are designed with a precise feature-to-cost ratio. They are affordable and supported by local expertise and have a lifetime warranty.

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Amer Networks have a cloud-based network management solution for WiFi. With a high capacity network switching system that guarantee best network performance.

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Amer is a manufacturer and global distributor of networking and security products.
Since our start in 1997 in the education enterprise sector, we have earned our reputation as a provider of reliable hardware backed by the most comprehensive support and customer-appropriate product warranties on the market.
Through our growing reseller network, we are taking this success into the SOHO/SME market with a growing line of innovative, value-laden products that enhance productivity and improve efficiency – anywhere and everywhere that people connect.

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 Amer’s Cloud-based solution exceeded our operational requirements from Day One.  Students and staff effortlessly connect across campuses and between buildings. Features such as enhanced security and network monitoring enable us to provide an online environment that is safe, controlled and powerful.”.
Wayne Caudle, Technology Director, Boaz CSD, Alabama
Like all districts, Brocton operates under a pretty tight budget.  From the top down, we all work hard to get full value from every dollar we spend.  That said, acquiring an “off-brand” technology takes a bit of a ‘leap-of-faith’. But our experience with Amer technology and Amer staff has been nothing but positive.
Bill Henris , Technological Director, Brocton District School Board

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